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Dental Bleaching

iStock_000031404804SmallBleaching is the process of brightening your teeth using chemical agents. This process must not be confused with teeth whitening, which implies bleaching your teeth beyond their natural color. Teeth or dental bleaching employs hydrogen or carbamide peroxide in order to remove these stains. The peroxide travels through the enamel, down to the dentin and bleaches the stains off. The process can take up to two weeks to be completed if done with the Take-Home Bleaching Kit.

Internal Bleaching
Sometimes, as a consequence of trauma, some teeth die. This produces an internal stain that cannot be treated with the conventional bleaching treatments. Internal bleaching is the only way of removing this stain. If you have not had a root canal performed to prevent infection, now is the time to do it. After that, a stronger peroxide concentration gel is applied on the nerve chamber and a temporary filling is placed. You will be surprised how fast this technique works. Sometimes you only need a day of treatment for it to get brighter. After that, the temporary filling is replaced by a permanent one.

The Causes of Staining
External teeth stains happen as a consequence of pigments passage through the enamel. The enamel is the most mineralized material in the human body. Its composition is approximately 95% of inorganic minerals. This makes it a very tough and resistant to wear. When you examine it with a microscope, even with its toughness, it shows porosity. These pores are the ones that allow pigments to travel through and stain the underlying dentin. Fortunately, there are options to remove these stains.

Tooth Staining Agents
Exposure to highly pigmented drinks accelerate teeth staining. These include red wine, grape juice, coffee, tea, mate and some berry juices. Likewise, the ingestion of different berries can stain your teeth. Tobacco products play a significant role on tooth staining. If you do not have a toothbrush available right after you eat or drink any of these, you can significantly slow down the staining process by rinsing your teeth with tap water. Quitting smoking reduces staining and reduces many health risks.

Bleaching Options in Our Office

At Hamilton Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we offer a full spectrum of bleaching options, including:

  • Conventional Trays and Bleaching Gel
  •  Zoom Light Accelerated Bleaching System: This system  will help to speed up the bleaching process. It  offers patients immediate results after a single 45 minutes appointment. (http://www.zoomwhitening.com/en_us/about_whitening). You will also get the Take Home Kit for touch-ups and further home treatment.
  • Internal Bleaching

If you want know more about these options, do not hesitate to contact us.

By Bolivar Luperon